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This week we look back at the intriguingly titled "Loin Like a Hunting Flame" which takes its name from a Dylan Thomas poem. Find out more after the jump.


  • This episode is written by Ted Mann and is his second outing at Millennium. It is directed by David Nutter, his fourth and final time on the show.


  • The guy handing out leaflets with the number on is Tyler Labine. He was the Stoner in “Quagmire” & “War of The Coprophages”.
  • The illegal rave scene was huge at this point in time. For younger viewers who may not remember, these were huge parties held in fields and warehouses. To find out where to go, you would call a number and receive directions.

Screenshot02 copy

  • According to the Carter-verse, all nightclubs look and sound like this.

Screenshot05 copy

  • Creepy guy of the week is played by Hrothgar Mathews. He appeared in "The Jersey Devil", "The Host", "Our Town", & "Talitha Cumi".

Screenshot06 copy

  • The actors playing the couple change throughout the scene. They appear older and “sexier” than when they first walked in and we switch between seeing both couples; the real people and the “sexier” versions as seen by the killer.
  • I wonder how they cast these roles? “Attractive Leslie and Mel”, “Less Attractive Leslie and Mel”...


  • A quote from Faust by Goethe this week. This work inspired Dr Jekyll & My Hyde among countless others.


  • I’m pretty sure those kids are going to need some intense therapy after this field trip, if only for having to wear that penguin fleece…


  • Detective Thomas is played by William Lucking. He played Roky in “Jose Chung’s ‘From Outer Space’” and is one of only three actors in history who can truly work a cigar*. Do you think Lord Kinbote will cameo later?

Screenshot19 copy

  • Frank’s partner Maureen is played by Harriet Sansom Harris, she played Eve 6/Dr. Sally Kendrick in “Eve”.
  • I have a headcanon that she is an Eve in this episode too. It makes sense that the Eves would hear about the Millennium Group & want to get involved with them.
  • We also learn here that Frank’s specialty is sexual predators. 


  • "You said you worked sex crimes in Los Angeles. You never worked with a woman, did you?"
    "No. How'd you know that?"
    “If you had, you’d have learned to value their insights more.”

    That’s as close to smack talk as Frank gets!


  • Frank’s face when he goes to turn off that “music” cracks me up every time!
  • Detective Thomas really needs to go on a “people skills” course. This is not the way to break it to someone that their friend has been murdered!

Screenshot27 copy

  • More nightclub action with as many glow sticks and luminescent body paint designs as the props department could find! Frank really does not fit in here.


  • Although swinging is generally associated with the 1970s, it had a resurgence in the 90s thanks to the Internet.
  • The real brunette - Sylvie - is played by Peg Christopherson who appeared briefly in "Syzygy" as an unnamed officer. This was her last ever acting role.

Screenshot33 copy

  • Awkward Dude #2 on the right here is played by Malcolm Stewart. He appeared in the X-Files Pilot, “3”, “Avatar”, “Tunguska”, & “Terma”.


  • "Wife swapping. You two are into that, are you? Group sex? Are you proud of that, huh?"
    "I don't think pride is what's at issue here, Detective."

    Frank won’t stand for this kind of intimidation & shaming. He may not agree with the practice but he’ll always defend a victim.

Screenshot45 copy

  • Detective Thomas is growing into a bigger and bigger douchecanoe with every line he speaks. Maureen is 1000% done with him by this point. 

Screenshot54 copy

  • This episode is why I have a deep distrust of pharmacists. That episode of Hannibal with the mushroom garden didn’t help either.


  • Detective Kent is played by Doug Abrahams. He’s appeared in The X-Files Pilot, “GenderBender”, “Die Hand Die Verletzt”, “Hell Money”, & “The Field Where I Died”.

Screenshot59 copy

  • I love seeing a female member of the Millennium Group getting an opportunity to really speak. This is Maureen’s profile, not Frank’s.


  • “Ladies & Gentlemen, Mr Johnny Cash!”

Screenshot68 copy

  • In all honesty, I don’t think finding hidden porn in a married man’s house is THAT much of a shock.
  • Karen’s reaction to the revelations about her husband is beautifully played. Something like this would have been easy to over act.

Screenshot77 copy

  • Hello there Detective Thomas’ backstory! Still doesn’t excuse your behavior though dude, however you do get the sensation here that he wants to try and rectify his mistakes.

Screenshot80 copy

  • Well this just stepped up to a whole new level of creepy. *checks that my wedding dress is where I left it*

  • "Maureen will be staying a few days."
    "Yeah, she said. Is she married?"
    "Ask her."
    "Maybe I will."

    I don’t think Frank knows what to make of that particular bombshell. I’m not sure I am either!

Screenshot97 copy

  • Detective Thomas’s story about his own nervous breakdown holds up a mirror to Frank here, and Frank is uncomfortable with the reflection. It shows him the man he could so easily have become.

  • Thomas has some pretty great character development considering we’ve only known him for 42 mins. It’s a shame he won’t return in future episodes. Perhaps he and Maureen found some happiness together?

  • "We're headed toward..."
    "Toward what, Frank?"
    "Something perhaps we'd do better to avoid."

    A hint of things to come?

Some screencaps by Chris Nu.

*This fact may be made up.