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This week's Millennium Monday recap looks back at "Kingdom Come". Read after the jump to check it out.


  • "Kingdom Come" was directed by Winrich Kolbe. It was written by co-executive producer Jorge Zamacona.

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  • The juxtaposition of the hymn being sung inside the church with the horrific murder happening outside makes for an interesting and disturbing cold open.

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  • Father Brown is played by Arnie Walters - he also played the Scully family priest Father McCue. His death is incredibly intense for network television.
  • This episode was the fourth to be produced but was aired out of order because of the death of Cardinal Bernadine. The network felt it "in poor taste" & so it was pushed back to air sixth in the season. Ratings had begun to fall so some suspect it was just a move to draw attention.


  • This week's quotation is from Exodus, it really had to be a Bible verse after that cold open didn't it? The quotation comes from a story about Moses and the great plague of darkness over Egypt.

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  • Here we learn that Frank can cook. Did we ever see Mulder or Scully cook? Actually yes, Mulder is seen stirring something in a pan on his stove way back in "Deep Throat". He didn't just live on pizza and Chinese food after all!

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  • A bird flies into a window of the Yellow House, for Very Important Lesson Learning Reasons.
  • Frank's red truck stands out so much in the crime scen's colour palette; everything else is muted greys, beiges, and browns.

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  • If you know your 90s cult TV then you'll probably recognise Lindsay Crouse (Arnis Cohen). She played Professor Maggie Walsh on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It's great to see another female member of the Millennium Group too.
  • Terrence Kelly (Detective Kerney) played George Usher, one of Eugene Tooms' victims.

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  • Frank knows his foreign currency. I wonder if he had a coin collection as a child?

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  • Laurie Murdoch (Father Schultz) appeared in "Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man", and "Schizogeny".

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  • The murder Frank is reading up on took place exactly two weeks and one day before Mulder and Scully first met.

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  • The golfers are played by Roger Alford who appeared in "3" and "Nisei", and Ed Harrington for whom this was his last screen appearance.
  • These old fashioned email alerts crack me up every time. Can you imagine if your computer beeped at every email today?

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  • Wouldn't it have made more sense to search the river banks for that ring BEFORE bringing in machinery to dredge the lake?
  • Tom McBeath (Detective Romero) appeared in "Space", "3", and "Teso dos Bichos". Could he have chosen a worse group of episodes?

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  • Ralph Alderman (the motel manager) seems to like playing motel managers. He played them in "Mind's Eye" & "The Pine-Bluff Variant" too.

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  • Would you be this calm if a stranger appeared in your house and started pulling tools from a duffel bag?
  • "I've always been happily cynical" - I know a lot of people who could adopt that line.

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  • We discover here that Arnis has a family at home like Frank. That seems to be something of a rarity in the Millennium Group.
  • There's a big difference between Frank's partnership with Arnis, and what he had with Jim in "Dead Letters". Both are parents struggling to handle their work. Those two episodes should have aired back-to-back. If they had the contrast would have been even more pronounced.

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  • Well that will definitely get their attention! It's worth thinking back to last week's episode and what the Unofficial Guide had to say about suicide bombers becoming a rarity at this point in history. Showing a man walking into a church strapped with explosives would be totally unacceptable in 2015 but in 1996 it was on network television.
  • Brad Wattum (the Reverend in this scene) also appeared in "2Shy".

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  • This situation reminds me of Mulder in "Duane Barry".

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  • The positioning of Frank kneeling in the church is clearly symbolic here. He even steps forward slightly to get in exactly the right spot.
  • We get a glimpse into Frank's psyche here, just what he's experienced. No wonder he had a breakdown.
  • A well executed police maneuver saves the day, even if they did leave it til the very last second!

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  • Hand holding is always powerful in the Carter-verse. Check out the end of "Pusher" for another great example.

Screencaps courtesy of Chris Nu.