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On this week's episode of Millennium, Frank Black is called in to deliver a psychological profile of a father convicted of killing his wife and three children. However when Frank begins looking into the case he becomes convinced that something is amiss. Read after the jump for our recap of "Covenant".


  • "Covenant" was written by Robert Moresco who would write one more episode of the show. He was co-producer throughout seasons one and two.

  • It was directed by Rod Pridy who would direct one more episode. Rod worked as a camera operator on 21 episodes of Millennium and 39 episodes of The X-Files.

  • This episode contains a veritable parade of X-Files alumni right from the very beginning.

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  • First up: the father William Garry Sr. is played by John Finn, who you might recognise as Michael Kritschgau.

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  • Next is his wife Dolores played by Colleen Winton, she appeared in "Squeeze" & "Kitsunegari".

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  • William Garry Jr. (the eldest son) is played by Tyler Thompson, he played Louis in "Detour".

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  • Finally, making four before the credits have even rolled, Deputy Reilly is played by Steve Bacic, he appeared in "Soft LIght", "Pusher", and "Folie a Deux".


  • Another quotation from Job. This line could easily have been spoken by Frank.

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  • These initial shots are unusual in that they are framed from within Jack’s house. Many fans were suspicious of Jack’s motives at this point wondering whether or not he was spying on Frank. This will be his final appearance on the show.

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  • The parade continues of X-Files stars, Calvin Smith is played by Michael O’Neill who also appeared in "Drive".

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  • Didi Higgins is played by Sarah Koskoff, she played Theresa Nemman in the X-Files pilot & again in "Requiem" & "This Is Not Happening".

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  • I doubt it’s coincidental how much the daughter, Mary, looks like a slightly older Jordan.

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  • One of Frank's greatest concerns is his ability to be a good father given the darkness he allows into his life. Messages like this one hit close to home for him.

Screenshot24 copy

  • “There was a number written on the window in blood: 12815. What was made of that?”
    “Nothing. No one ever figured out what it meant.”

    No way that number is insignificant. Details like that never are.

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  • "Once you start something like this, you somehow have to finish."

    This entire sequence with Garry’s narration overlaying it is heartbreaking. His calmness also makes it deeply unsettling. 

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  • "For a murderer to have this kind of clarity of truth, it's very strange."
    “So all that truth adds up to a lie?”

    Once again we see Catherine acting as Frank’s sounding board. 

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  • I'm not sure I'd want scotch or beer before 11am no matter how cheap it was!

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  • Michael Slattery is played by Jay Underwood, he went on to appear in "Empedocles".

  • "You for it or against it? Personally, I mean."
    "What's that?"
    "The death penalty."

    Frank avoids answering the question. To do so would give too much away.

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  • Mr. Anderson is played by David Abbott, he appeared in "Tunguska" and "Emily".

  • All my life, I've, I've been a father, a husband, a farmer, that's been the trinity of my life. I no longer have that. William Garry's to blame. If you're a good man, Mr. Black, you'll make sure that he pays the price he ought to pay.”

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  • “Did you arrange that for my benefit?”

    Frank is angry at being surprised with this meeting, and at having his own ethics put on trial. His honor has been called into question and the whole situation reeks of unprofessional conduct on the part of the prosecution. This is emotional badgering.

  • “Give me the profile I need.”

    The prosecution has brought in the wrong man for creating the thing THEY want. Frank will always seek his own way to the truth.

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  • “Do you know what it’s like to scream in silence 365 days a year?”

    Mark Snow adds some extra weight to the scene with his beautiful scoring.

  • Something is that room is a lie, but Frank is unsure about what.

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  • Deputy Reilly’s behaviour is starting to border on stalker now.

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  • Dr. Steele is played by Nicole Oliver. She now voices Princess Celestia on My Little Pony.

  • “An innocent man could die.”
    “Who, Mr. Garry? A man who slaughters his children and stabs his wife four times, I'd say he deserves to die.”

    Everyone in this town except the lawyer is obsessed with murdering this guy.

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  • The medical examiner is played by Norman Armour, he appeared in "Sanguinarium" and "Synchrony".

  • This bodies are in remarkably good condition seeing as how the murders were committed six months previously.

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  • Last week in "Sacrament", Frank’s brother told him that he had a “disease”, his need to look under the sheet at Mary’s body speaks to that.

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  • "It's not a '1,' it's an 'I' for Isaiah. Chapter 28, verse 15. 'We have made a covenant with death. We have made lies our refuge. And under falsehood we have hid ourselves.'"

    The truth about the mysterious window numbers is finally revealed.

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  • “I am the only one who knows what happened that night - who's responsible. My blood must be shed at the moment of my death. To rob me of my salvation would be sentencing my soul to eternal damnation. Are you so righteous in your beliefs that you would allow that?”

    Frank’s beliefs are being constantly called into question this week. 

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  • "Arthur Shawcross killed two people, was paroled after 14 years and then murdered 11 innocent victims before he was caught again.William Garry slaughtered his family. God help us if we give him a chance to kill again."

    Arthur Shawcross was also known as the Genesee River Killer. He was arrested & convicted for his second murder spree in 1990.

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  • “She had killed her angels and now there was only one thing left to do.”

    We repeat Garry’s tragic journey through the house, only this time with Frank’s version of events narrating.

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  • “He said she couldn't bear the thought of living in a world of adulterers, men like him. It was one night. I know. One night. William Garry's the best man I've ever known. There's nothing I wouldn't do for him.”

    Throughout the episode I’ve been convinced that Reilly loved Garry, this scene cements that belief for me.

  • “You helped him once. If you are his friend, you'll help him again.”

    Ultimately we leave Garry’s fate in the hands of his closest friend.