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After a few technical delays, and some further flail-induced delays thanks to Tuesday's big announcement, we can finally bring you this week's Millennium Monday. Read after the break to see our recap of "Blood Relatives".


  • This is the first writing credit for Chip Johannessen. He'll go on to be a series regular including penning the show's finale. 
  • Directing is Jim Charleston. He'll direct once more on Millennium & four times on The X-Files: "Avatar", "Teliko", "Synchrony", & "Elegy".
  • As with last week's episode we open on a church. For a second I thought I'd started our last episode by accident. 
  • There's a real Donnie Pfaster/"Irresistable" vibe to this cold open? Writer Chip Johannessen went on to write "Orison" for The X-Files.

Screenshot001 copy

  • The sister is played by Nicole Parker, the redhead who showed up in both "Quagmire" & "War of the Coprophages". 


  • The week's quote comes from the Bible. I think Frank is gonna get plenty of signs in the weeks to come.
  • Catherine is taking on a greater role from this episode. We see her before we see Frank. 
  • The father is played by Bob Morrisey, he appeared in "Teliko" & "Emily". 

Screenshot032 copy

  • Jordan's book appears to be a fake, which suggests that someone in the 1013 art department drew the cover. 
  • Maybe we shouldn't be discussing butchered mothers when there's a chance Jordan might be listening? 

Screenshot041 copy

  • Tina is played by Deanna Milligan, she played Satin in "Irresistible". 

Screenshot047 copy

  • The mutilation of the body reminds me of the X-Files episode "Aubrey".

Screenshot054 copy

  • Frank seems to enjoy wandering out into bodies of water with no protective clothing; he did in in the Pilot too.

Screenshot055 copy

  • Fishing that up on the first try seems more than a little bit unlikely. 
  • "Diebstahl" is German for theft. 

 Screenshot067 copy

  • Waiting for Frank to burst into a rendition of "Don't Stop Believin'"...
  • We're really seeing Catherine as part of the team here, although it's clear that social services isn't well recognised yet. 

Screenshot082 copy

  • Didn't Mythbusters prove you can't distract a guard dog like that? 
  • I'm sure there would be a better way to get the dogs to back off without discharging a firearm? 

Screenshot084 copy

  • Peggy is played by Lynda Boyd - she appeared in "F. Emasculata" & was the woman Cecil L'Ively impressed in a bar in "Fire".
  • Screenshot091 copy
  • That's Frank's "I don't believe you" face. 
  • Screenshot094 copy
  • And today in surprise twists that don't really surprise anyone... 

 Screenshot108 copy

  • This episode is now heading even deeper into "Irresistible" territory. 
  • Frank must have one thick skull to stay conscious after that, I think I developed a headache just from watching.

Screenshot112 copy

  • I wish my hair dried as fast as Frank's, and my clothes too. I'd save a ton off my electricity bill.