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Please click after the jump for the pictures from June 9th's twitter and instagram coverage. We'll continue updating as the information comes!

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Nigel Horsley has these amazing pictures available on Flickr.


The folks at XFGeekery on Tumblr have a few great HQ pics. Also here.

Likewise DANA AND FOX have a nice spread of photos from the set.


The folks at VancityBuzz have a ton of HQ pictures for your enjoyment. Click here.

Video: X-Files filming in Vancouver causes traffic delays

The Vancouver Sun also was in attendance, you can see their spread here.

YVRShoots posted a few pics as well. You can see those here.

Just Jared joined in the fun too. Check it here.

Photographer Lawrence Andreutti has some gorgeous pictures as well.

Imgur user rghw posted a few pictures as well.

We'll continue updating as they come!