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In a promo released today by FOX and spearheaded by Deadline, we got to see a few new tidbits about what's to come on Season 11, straight from the lips of Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, Mitch Pileggi and Chris Carter.


The promo is named "Declassified | The End of the World" --- And is it? Take a deep breath, guys. We've been keeping a tally of the new things they've teased us with, so what's new on this one?

While this is a bit of a longer version of what the previous promo released, where we hear about what makes the show succesful, we also get clued into a few scenes and situations that are important: Mulder and Scully's conversation in the pull out couch, Jeffrey's involvement in the new developments of the mythology and William's fate, Monica Reyes sighting... and Chris Carter also furthers his insight into CSM's role in the new season.



The rest? We can tell you that there are some images in this promo that we wish we could tell you what really goes down in those scenes! Gotta wait til January 3rd, though! Are we horrible people for teasing you? Yes, we know. Our favorite line from this promo? Definitely: "I'm Fox - Freakin'- Mulder, you punk!"

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