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TXF Steelbook ArtThe rumors are out there, and have been for over a year, but this week multiple sources are suggesting that 20th Century Fox is planning on releasing the entire X-Files series on Blu-ray and that release could happen as early as this winter.  The Digital Bits stated just days ago  in their Comic-Con blog that they spoke with numerous sources at the San Diego Comic-Con, including sources at the studio and the post production facility (HTV/Illuminate), and were told that the series would be released in Blu-ray as part of the 20th Anniversary celebration of The X-Files this year.

"...we believe at least the first season could be announced (in the coming weeks) for release by the end of the year.  Remastering work has been underway at HTV/Illuminate in Hollywood – visual effects and some stock footage shots (of the Hoover building, etc) have required upconversion but otherwise original negative is being scanned in full HD. " - The Digital Bits

While XFN cannot confirm these reports, we have had sources telling us that the studio is indeed planning to release the series on Blu-ray as early as this winter. There has been no official word from Fox, but Chris Carter addressed the Blu-ray issue at the IDW Panel at Comic-Con this week. 

"I just had a conversation with a guy from Fox yesterday who said they're pushing for that Blu-ray release but it hasn't been formalized or it's not official, so stay tuned for that, but they are releasing it on HD." - Chris Carter

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment in the U.K. announced today that they are releasing the entire series plus both feature films in a new box set (not Blu-ray) in celebration of the 20th Anniversary, and that FTF and IWTB will be released in a Blu-ray box set. While other regions had already received the Blu-ray release of both films, this will be the first time that the dual-film Blu-ray box set has been released in the U.K. 

Given that the U.K. is celebrating the 20th with new box sets and that FTF/IWTB Blu-ray, it's not a far stretch to believe that 20th Century Fox could in fact be looking at releasing the series on Blu-ray elsewhere. The truth is out there...somewhere.