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Now that’s an image that will have any Phile reaching for the nearest hug. This week’s Entertainment Weekly has a sneak peek of Season 11 and it doesn’t exactly look like good things are in store for Scully. How did we go from a dying Mulder and Scully saving the world to this? “Obviously something unexpected has happened,” Chris Carter wryly tells EW’s Kelly Connolly.

Carter also says that shippers “have something to look forward to” but as always is tight-lipped about what that may be. And we can look for William to “come to the fore.”

Carter also shares a few details about what the premiere holds, a look at episode 3, Barbara Hershey’s role, and what other relationships might be turned on their head.

You can get all the details now by reading the article on EW’s website, their app, or by picking up a copy at your local newsstand or bookstore. Look for the “Stranger Things” cover.