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As reported earlier by us and our reblogged articles on Twitter and Facebook, more teasing material was released during the TCA FOX session today.

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IGN UK has released a transcript of the teaser:

Besides the appearance of CSM in the clip, the actual scene begins with Scully driving up to what looks like an isolated/middle-of-nowhere house and Mulder coming outside to talk to her.

Mulder: "What are you doing here, Scully?"

Scully: "Mulder, you hang up on me. I don't hear from you all day."

Mulder: "I did it. I figured it out. All these years we've been deceived. I couldn't call you because this is going to sound crazy."

Scully: "That's why I'm here, Mulder. As somebody who cares about you. As someone who's worried."

Mulder: "Scully, you gotta trust me on this."

Scully: "I've seen this before. You're on fire, believing that you're onto some truth. That you can save the world."

Mulder: "This will finally be their undoing."

Scully: "It'll be your undoing, Mulder."

Mulder: "This is my life. This is everything. This is everything I believe in."

Scully: "You want to believe. You want so badly to believe."

Mulder: "I do believe. I believe that Tad O' Malley is right. This is not an alien conspiracy. This is a conspiracy of men."

Scully: "Tad O' Malley is a charming man full of charming B.S., Mulder."

Mulder: "He woke me up."

Scully: "How do you know he's not playing you?"

Mulder: "The truth is out there, Scully, and Tad O' Malley is going to broadcast it."

[The Americans' Annet Mahendru appears in the doorway, behind a screen door.]

Sveta: "Is everything okay?"

Mulder: "Yeah everything is okay." (to Scully) "She's the key to everything. Sveta is the key."

More on this, at IGN UK

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According to Zap2It: 

{spoiler}FOX screened a scene from upcoming “X-Files” miniseries for the 2015 TCA summer press tour audience, and it gave an emotional glimpse into where the limited series picks up with Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson). In the scene, Scully arrives at Mulder’s house in a panic. “Mulder, you hang up on me, I don’t hear from you all day, you’re on some jag about the X-Files?!” says Scully. “I finally figured it out, all these years we’ve been deceived,” says Mulder “I couldn’t call you because it’s gonna sound crazy. Scully, you gotta trust me on this.” But Scully says Mulder is “on fire believing” that he’s onto “some truth that will save the world.” She cautions that it’ll be his undoing. “You want to believe, you so badly want to believe!” RELATED: Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny really want ‘X-Files’ legos Mulder insists that newscaster Tad O’Malley (Joel McHale) is right, it’s not “an alien conspiracy.” “The truth is out there and Tad O’Malley’s gonna broadcast it,” says Mulder. “Mulder, listen to me — as your friend and as a physician, you are on dangerous ground here,” pleads a concerned Scully. But she is stopped dead in her tracks by Mulder revealing Sveta (Annet Mahendru, “The Americans”), a victim of alien abduction, is in his house. “She’s the key to everything,” says Mulder. “Sveta is the key.” “The X-Files” premieres Jan. 24, 2016.{/spoiler}


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