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According to The X-Files producer, Gabe Rotter - the following will be the air order for the upcoming Season 10:

  1. "My Struggle" - 01/24/16 - 10PM (Aprox.)
  2. "Founder's Mutation" - 01/25/16 - 8PM
  3. "Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster" 02/01/16 - 8PM
  4. "Home Again" - 02/08/16 - 8PM
  5. "Babylon" - 02/15/16 - 8PM
  6. "My Struggle II" - 02/22/16 - 8PM (Season Finale)

Previously: (10AM)

As announced by this FOX associated listing, the order of episodes for Season 10 has changed. While no OFFICIAL press release was sent out to the outlets, the current link gives out the synopsis and production information for "Founder's Mutation" now scheduled to air on Jan. 25th, 2016 at 8PM. This information seems to be confirmed by various alternate sources.

Previously, the show's premiere episode "My Struggle", airing on January 24th, would had been followed by Glen Morgan's "Home Again" the next day at 8PM. The episode was produced as the show's second episode. However, now that the order has been changed, James Wong's "Founder's Mutation" - previously slated as the fifth episode - will now air on this slot. No information has been given about the new schedule for "Home Again".

Anne Simon, science advisor for the show, shared the communication she'd had with Chris Carter about this change, and as it states on her twitter feed, the switch benefits the flow of the story. 


We'll update with more details as they become available.