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Did you play along with Mulder and Scully's emoji game last week? The time has come to reveal the answers and our contest winners.


Last week we followed along as Mulder and Scully were playing a game. Every day one of them would send the other sets of emojis relating to their old cases, and the other had to guess which cases their partner was thinking of. We followed their game in a series of screenshots across the X-Files News social media accounts, and if you managed to correctly guess all 20 cases, you could win a prize. Did you manage to find them all? Here is their conversation in full:

Expansion Contest All Screenshots

The correct answers are:

  1. Rain King
  2. Arcadia
  3. Triangle
  4. Ascension
  5. Irresistible/Orison
  6. Home
  7. The Unnatural
  8. Fight the Future
  9. The Amazing Maleeni
  10. How the Ghosts Stole Christmas
  11. Tempus Fugit
  12. The Post-Modern Prometheus
  13. Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
  14. X-COPS
  15. One Breath
  16. Fearful Symmetry
  17. Wetwired
  18. Quagmire
  19. Babylon
  20. Hollywood A.D.

From all the correct entries, the randomly selected winner, who receives a copy of The Official X-Files Board Game and the Trust No One Expansion, is:

XX Caroline XX

And the runner-up, who receives a copy of Trust No One, is:

XX Hannah Harling XX

Congratulations to our winners!