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We're back and we bring goodies!

Back in October, during New York Comic Con, we distributed postcards to participate on #TheXFilesLivesOn sweeps. We also gave the opportunity to all online X-Philes to submit your entry using the hashtag to a variety of social media platforms. We had a few entries, many of you can be checked out following the #TheXFilesLivesOn hashtag, and there were three that won our hearts.

So, without further ado... Here are the winners!

1st Place: 

Twitter spookycala

By Twitter user @SpookyCala, this entry takes the first prize! The XFN team felt it embodied so much of what this fandom means to many of us, and has taught indeed great values to generations of fans. Click on the image for the full size version of her entry. 

She wins a hardcover issue of The X-Files: Season 10 Vol. 5 - courtesy of IDW Publishing and a couple of other surprise X-Files trinkets courtesy of XFN.






2nd Place:

Instagram 201xfdoodlesFrom Instagram user @201xfdoodles, this great drawing of our favorite heroes won our hearts and was just a few votes away from snagging the ultimate honor. It's a beautiful work with a great message!

Winner takes home a bundle of surprise X-Files goodies courtesy of XFN.






3rd Place:

Instagram srslykiddingFrom Instagram user @srslykidding, this collage took us back to the '90s in the best of ways. Doesn't this remind you of your own artwork on your trapper keepers!?

Winner takes home a bundle of surprise X-Files goodies as well.






Thanks so much to everyone that participated, it was really super humbling to speak to so many of you in New York and online as well, and we can't wait until January... and more!