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If you couldn't make it to X-Fest 2018 in Illinois, we've got you covered!

During the event on March 3rd, 2018, fans were treated to five different actor panels throughout the day. First, we heard from some of your favorite freaks in the "Monsters of the Week" panel: Steve Railsback, Nick Chinlund, Tom Noonan, and Robert Wisden kept the audience laughing. Up next were Sabrina and Erika Krievins, from Season 1's "Eve." They've both moved on from acting, but shared stories about their time on the X-Files set and how they dealt with fame at a young age. 

Brian Thompson, the famous Alien Bounty Hunter, shared a story about how a fight over his haircut may have expanded his role on the series, from a one-time part to recurring character. The "Trust Someone" panel featured two of Mulder's informants: Jerry Hardin as "Deep Throat" and Steven Williams as "Mr. X." For as intimidating as Mr. X always was, Williams had the audience cracking up over how he learned about his character's end. Jerry Hardin shared a great story about his surprise over a particular age group that wanted his autograph.

The day wrapped up with a panel with "Series Regulars": Annabeth Gish, William B. Davis, and Mitch Pileggi. Some of the highlights included Mitch and William's reaction to the paternity bombshell that was dropped in "My Struggle III," as well as Annabeth's thoughts about Monica's turn to the "dark side." All three shared some lovely memories of their work with Director Kim Manners who passed away in 2009.

We have highlights from all 5 panels below, as well has the full Periscope feed of the "Series Regulars" panel. And for photos from through out the day head here.

Panel highlights video:



"Series Regulars" panel from Periscope: