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The Television Critics Association is in town... in Los Angeles - California, that is. If you're unfamiliar with this event, this is a group of sessions in which the studios present to the general press and critics what's coming up for their key shows and new programs to be released in the upcoming months. Naturally, FOX was one of the most anticipated presentations and with it the chatter about the possibility of a new season for The X-Files.

And there was some information about it, sorta.

This is the take-away from everything that was said about the return of the show:

  • There's an intention to bring back the show for more than six episodes; eight to ten of them would be ideal.
  • The main obstacle in having certainty of when the show could enter active production is strategizing around Chris Carter's and the actors' schedules, but conversations are being held about it.
  • Dana Walden and David Madden - FOX CEO and Fox Entertainment President, respectively - are of the opinion that the revival of the show was well received by social media and fans, but had the caveat of having to reintroduce the show to new audiences. With Season 10 having done it's job at catching up the audience with the story, Season 11 would allow for an expasion of the stories. They would definitely follow the cue from chris Carter and the writers involved since they felt the episodes produced represented their vision.

Having been through last year's experience, strategizing is key for the success of this endeavor... and this is something that Chris Carter even said so himself when we spoke to him earlier this year. We think that's one of the things that will definitely be on everyone's list; to have enough amount of time and resources to develop the vision that everyone involved has for the show. This would maybe even allow to bring in more key players to the game, such as Rob Bowman, Vince Gilligan and Frank Spotnitz, that couldn't join the project because of other engagements. Given that there's time to plan ahead, it would be great to have this as a possibility.

X-Philes, what do you think? Do you agree with the reception of the episodes? Do you want more? Who do you want back? How many episodes? ...And, do you think that Season 11 should be a stepping stone to new seasons or should this be the wrap up of the franchise?

Interesting points to think about.

We'll bring you more information as it develops.


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