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 An MSR Promo

Alien conspiracies come and go, but the Mulder/Scully relationship mystery will continue forever. They flipped UST to RST. They had a kid. They've lived together. However, in Season 10, Mulder and Scully were seemingly estranged. Where are they now? Well this promo is filled with some interesting tidbits about the MSR. Check out what David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have to say about our two favorite romantically dysfunctional FBI Agents.  


Describing the relationship, Gillian says, "We're coworkers. Friendly coworkers." Friendly coworkers who apparently spend time in each other's hotel rooms according to this promo. 

Platonic nap   Connecting doors


"We're friendly. We're not estranged by any stretch...We're friendly companions."


David continues to think that Mulder and Scully were married. Unfortunately, no confirmation of such a union exists, and Virginia doesn't allow for the creation of "common law" marriages.

"In the second movie we were married...we appeared to be married. And then when last season began, we appeared to be estranged." 


But hey, we support your headcanon, David. And who knows? Chris did add the "for better or for worse" line to "My Struggle," so maybe our dynamic duo is hiding something other than their obvious feelings for one another.


David continues by saying that any hints about a romantic relationship would be spoilers. And here we were thinking that Chris Carter had sent out that memo changing it to "Trust everyone."

"Come on...it'll be like a date," Mulder says to Scully in the basement office. Just like that nice little trip you two once took to the forest? Scully knows better than that, Mulder. The last time you bought her flowers, she had cancer. 

Ask her to go steady. 

"Why do you operate so well with your hands cuffed behind your back?," she asks. "As if you didn't know," he responds. It's clear that someone has been dipping into the fanfiction. No judgement here.

...in bed?

"I'd say we're kind of back to where we were originally, but without the sexual tension because we've already had sex."

Shh...don't tell Chris

This may be the first time The X-Files has officially confirmed what we've all known to be true. However, they've gotten one thing wrong. When it comes to Mulder and Scully, that tension will never die. Watch the full trailer below, and continue your analysis with the screen caps below that. 

 Congrats on the Sex