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SCULLY: How many promos can there be?

The Season 10 finale of The X-Files is quickly approaching. "My Struggle II" will air on Monday, January 22nd at 8:00 pm ET. In the runup to the final episode, there will be lots of new video promos released from FOX. If you're looking to piece together the clues about what happens next, you'll need to watch them all. As more videos are released for "My Struggle II", we'll be compiling them here in one place, so make sure you bookmark it. Spoilers ahead!


Clip: Scully's Opening Monologue - Much like Mulder's opening of "My Struggle", Scully gives us an introduction to her own story. 


Preview: My Struggle II - The television spot for "My Struggle II". 


Clip: Prepare Yourself - Scully walks into the X-Files office, but where is Mulder? Tad O'Malley returns to the airwaves, and he has important information for Scully. 


Clip: The Question of the Day - Scully speaks about Tad O'Malley's claims that all of humanity has had their DNA tampered with.


Clip: An Offer - Scully meets with Monica Reyes who hides more secrets than you thought. Heavy spoilers, no whale song.


Clip: What Happened Here? - Scully meets with Tad O'Malley, who found the unremarkable house remarkably torn apart. Mulder is missing.


Clip: South Carolina - Mulder ignores Scully's call and goes on a road trip instead. The Mulder Ditch is back. 


Case File: Gillian and David discuss the mythology of The X-Files. Is it a conspiracy of aliens or a conspiracy of men?


The Truth Revealed - Chris Carter discusses the conspiracy. Is the alien virus going to kill us all?


Clip: Who Sent You? - Mulder tussles with an intruder.


Clip: A Mass Panic - People begin to freak out about what Tad O'Malley is saying on his show.



Lots and lots of files promos. These clips are a lot to take in, but then again, the world may be ending...what do you think is happening, Philes?