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Do you have better plans on 12/21 than to wait for the end of the world? For Mulder and Scully to come rescue us? Please, we know that most of you will be live tweeting how you're planning to survive the alien apocalypse. So, in the meantime, why not join us on yet another XF3 Tweet-A-Thon?

Philes from all over the world have united to party this coming Friday and they have organized this schedule, showcasing times in various times of the world when the tweeting activity starts.

Remember to only tweet #GreenlightXF3 during those hours.

While we're not the organizers of this event, we'll be following closely and bringing some party favors, 'cause really, what's a party without entertainment and then some?

So check out the times and if you have any questions, remember to follow us on twitter and also the user @Spoooked - one of the organizers of the online event.