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IDW-LogoIt's been a busy year for IDW in the 1013 universe. The X-Files: Season 10 continues to forge ahead becoming one of IDW's best sellers, The X-Files: Year Zero was a lovely surprise that introduced us to two new characters who we adore, and the latest Millennium series promises to both entertain and intertwine with TXF universe in the future.

These are exciting times for Philes and comic book fans alike, so we asked Denton Tipton, editor at IDW Publishing, to give us a quick look at what's to come.

Read on after the jump for all the latest news and an exclusive sneak peek at the cover for Millennium #3.


IDW has been busy this year, delving into all things Chris Carter with the continuation of Season 10, the introduction of Year Zero, and now the new Millennium series. As we suspected, The X-Files: Season 10 has been a great success for IDW. "It's consistently been our best seller that doesn't have a pony or turtle in it, " Denton said. That's high praise for our favorite franchise, and a testament to both Joe Harris and the creative team bringing us such gorgeous art each issue.

With how popular these comics have become, we wondered if there was a plan to merge with the online world besides things like Comixology, perhaps an interactive website that serves as a house for the world being created by Joe and keeps track of what's going on, such as the sites we had back in the day that focused on the narrative. Denton was tight-lipped, saying there were a couple things in the works but that it wasn't his place to discuss them as of yet. We'll keep on hoping. The more XF, the merrier, we say.

Regarding a hiatus between seasons ten and eleven, Denton said that though they might take a little time off, there will be an X-Files comic on the stands every month, no matter what, and sometimes two. So fear not, Philes, the wealth of new XF material doesn't seem to be ending any time soon. The Christmas special is fast approaching and we learned that it's set in the present day, a Season 10 setup, but that there are flashbacks to Mulder's youth. Take a look at this page by Matthew Dow Smith and Jordie Belliare that shows little Mulder and his sister Samantha.


Everybody say "Aww!" Perhaps some Mulder-angst is around the corner?

Finally in X-Files news, enjoy this treat from issue #19, the December issue, without text!


Yowzers! If you haven't already picked up your copy, that should be incentive to rush on out to your local retailer. Until then, we'll just let you speculate about what's going on.

Moving on to IDW's new series, Millennium, and Denton told us the series would center on one case: Monte Propps. "Mulder's first 'collar' is up for parole, and he gets it." We can't wait to see how this series plays out and how it affects both Frank and Mulder going forward. Monte Propps always seemed to us like a storyline that was left dangling and we're eagerly awaiting Joe's take on the events.

But comics are not just about the written word, the art is just as important a part of the narrative, and besides menton3, Colin Lorimer, who drew S10: #16-17, where Frank first reappeared, will be the interior artist for the series. He did a great job on Season 10, capturing Frank Black's essence, and we look forward to what he has in store for us within Millennium.

We asked if IDW would entertain the idea of guest writers for this series or if this is a project that will be developed solely by Joe Harris. Cheekily, Denton replied that he didn't see Millennium being able to support another series and so likely, they are stuck with Joe. If you have to be 'stuck' with someone, we think Joe Harris is a pretty good deal.

"We're promised five issues, but more would be great."

Though Millennium's future is yet to be determined, Joe Harris has expressed interest in undeveloped storylines and the possibility of continuing this project, and though nothing has been decided, Denton could confirm that yes, the stories would stay in canon were it to go forward.

That's your cue, Frank Black fans, get thyself to your local comic book store and make this series as successful as you've made Season 10.

And now, enjoy an exclusive sneak peek at the covers for Millennium #3.



We don't know about you guys, but everything we have two of, we've crossed for a continuation of Year Zero. Unfortunately, Denton couldn't give us any update regarding the series' future. We hope to hear more in a week or so, so stay tuned. Bing and Millie have stolen our hearts and we hope it's not the last we've heard from them.

There are currently no tie-ins planned between the forthcoming X-Files game from IDW Games (which focuses on seasons one through three) and the Season 10 comics, but though it's not in the works, Denton said that he'd love to see some expansions for the game in the future. It's been a long wait for the game, and frankly, we'll just be happy to see it hit the shelves and get our hands on it.

Regarding whether IDW would bring more alternate issues that aren't related to the current timelines being developed, such as the Annuals, Denton told us that there are a couple of things in the works and that more information would be coming in the following few months.

And there you have it, all the latest information you need to know from Denton Tipton at IDW Publishing. We can't wait to see what they have in store for us during the coming year.

If you're not up to date, remember you can always catch up by visiting Comixology for digital copies of past issues, or visit your local retailer and setup a pull list while you're there. You don't want to miss out on all the exciting things going on in TheX-Files and Millennium 'verses.