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From TV Wise,

New spy drama series Hunted premiered last night on BBC One and pulled in 4.5 million viewers and a 19% share in its 9pm time-slot. The series won the 9pm slot despite being up against competiton from ITV1′s Homefront (2.3 million total viewers/10% share) and the tenth season premiere of Red Dwarf on UKTV’s Dave channel, which drew in the second highest audience in the history of UKTV (1.5 million viewers/6% share).

We cannot wait until all of you have seen this show. Believe us, you'll be addicted from the beginning. For UK viewers, next episode airs October 11th at 9pm, London time.

Hunted premieres in the US on October 19th at 10pm on Cinemax. You can catch a sneak peek on Oct. 12th at 10:50pm.

To prevent spoilers, we will be posting the synopsis for each episode once it premieres in the US. If you're watching in the UK already and when it premieres in the Americas, don't forget to check in GetGlue to get special stickers, news and promotions from the show.

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