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The Summer 2012 Press Tour of the Television Critics Association is ongoing, and Frank Spotnitz' highly anticipated spy thriller Hunted just had its panel. Both Frank and the show's star, Melissa George, were in attendance.

Cinemax announced that the series is slated to premiere in Oct. 26th in the US. The show was shot in London, Tangier, Morocco, among other international locations. The first season will have 8 episodes of a full hour each.

Hunted is a coproduction between Big Light Productions, Cinemax and BBC. It's one of the most anticipated shows to premiere this Fall, drawing a lot of attention at numerous international entertainment and distribution festivals.

Here's an overview of what was said, courtesy of the folks at twitter:


  • "'When #TheXFiles started, the word mythology was not used to discuss television [plots],' Frank Spotnitz says of what he's learned."
  • "'It's very hard to be as smart as your audience,' Frank Spotnitz. He says they need to trust that the audience is intelligent."
  • "Melissa George says she's still physically paying for #Hunted right now. It was emotionally difficult, too."
  • " 'We're already working on scripts for season 2 and hoping for the best,' Frank Spotnitz says."


  • "Spotnitz said Gillian Anderson's pregnancy during The X-Files singlehandedly led to the now-ubiquitous use of 'mythology' on TV."


  • "'This is the reason why we went with Cinemax. We really wanted to be cinematic, really wanting to go to Morocco and Scotland' - @Big_Light"


  • "'Be ambitious; try to be as great as you can be; and trust in your audience,' Frank Spotnitz."

XFN has been actively reporting the developments on Hunted's production since the beginning and we cannot wait to report more as the show nears its premiere. The general sense of the entertainment bloggers, journalists and general attendees that attended the TCA panel was very positive. Some of the comments on twitter included "#HUNTED looks like ALIAS on steroids. I am riveted." by @ReelVixen

Stay tuned for more news soon!