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Collaborative Source: TV WISE

Hunted is making the rounds lately, and it seems that the anticipation for Frank Spotnitz' new drama just hit a new high today. Entertainment One has confirmed signing a Multi-Territory Home Entertainment deal for the new show to hit the air waves this Fall. According to Ruth Clark, Shine International's SVP, this new deal ensures that the show will be distributed to some of the biggest home entertainment territories in the world.

Created by Frank Spotnitz, and produced in conjuction with Big Light Productions, Kudos Films, Cinemax and BBC One; Hunted tells the story of Sam Hunter, "an operative working for a private intelligence agency who survives a failed attempt on her life, which she believes was orchestrated by members of her own team. After recovering from the attack, Hunter goes back to work, not knowing who tried to kill her or who she can trust. The drama series stars Melissa George, Adam Rayner and Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje"

The show has also been rated as one of the most anticipated new dramas by many entertainment outlets and most recently made part of the A-List of the MIPTV 2012 by The Hollywood Reporter.