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041415 OlivierAs if she weren't already incredibly busy, Gillian Anderson will be publishing her second book come next spring. A different vein than her work on the EarthEnd Saga, this time Gillian will be co-authoring a "revolutionary self-help guide"for women. Jennifer Nadel, a journalist and women's activist, will be Gillian's co-author.

Entitled WE, the guide will focus on "providing a path to inner freedom and happiness, which in turn will have the power to change the world in which we all live." Atria Publishing will be releasing the book on March 8th, 2016 to coincide with International Women's Day.

Gillian described the book to THR as a "call-out to all women around the world and by women I include girls, transgender, anyone who identifies themselves as being intrinsically female, that we need to stick together and stand up for each other and not compete against each other."

We're not sure how she has the time, but we're looking forward to enjoying yet another book penned by Ms. Anderson. Stay tuned as more details emerge.