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You asked for it, your craved for it, and following the motto he's now famous for, Frank Spotnitz didn't give up on Sam Hunter, and neither did Cinemax.

From Deadline:

HBO/Cinemax and The X Files alum Frank Spotnitz are developing Sam Hunter, a drama starring Melissa George to air on Cinemax. A spinoff of Cinemax’s Hunted, the action series sees George reprising her role as Sam, a gutsy agent in the murky world of private espionage. Now on the run from her former employer, Sam has a price on her head and a young daughter to protect. She must work as a freelance spy to find out who wants her dead — and how it connects to the murder of her own mother. Cinemax is planning to launch Sam Hunter as a four-hour miniseries, which Spotnitz is currently writing.


We're really excited to have this story continue. Congratulations, Mr. Spotnitz!

This is a developing story, we'll inform of more details as they come.