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For those of you who missed it or are in an area where it's not airing, you're probably dying to get a glimpse of the FOX 25th Anniversary Special. Below is a video of the main X-Files retrospective. Everyone should also all be glad to know that "The X-Files" trended worldwide on Twitter during the special. Hopefully FOX took note. 


For those who may not be able to watch the video, check out a brief transcript of what took place after the jump.


A Sci-Fi montage of all of FOX's science fiction shows starts. It includes Frank Black and Millennium.

Ryan Seacrest: (On the FOX lot) Now the truth is not all of the sci-fi shows on FOX were big hits, but FOX was committed to the genre and its dedicated fans. The netwok kept reaching for the stars, and eventually, in 1993 there was one show that became a worldwide phenomenon. (Clips from the "Pilot" office scene begin to air.) It lasted nine seasons, spawned a movie franchise, and spinoffs. Setting out to prove that the truth is out there were Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully on The X-Files. ("Pilot" office scene, "Agent Mulder, I'm Dana Scully...")

David Duchovny: When I read the "Pilot" script for X-Files, I thought it was a good script. (Early graveyard scens from the "Pilot" appear on screen.) I thought "Oh this is an interesting pilot, an interesting story, an interesting one hour movie." I knew it was going to be about aliens and I thought, "Well nobody is really intersted in that."

Gillian Anderson: As far as I know,The X-Files at the time had the highest production values of any TV show. (Scenes from "Home" air.) So that was different. And yes, cinemagraphically and story-wise, it was very different from what people were used to at the time. It was just--everything about it was different. It was before all the shows that followed us that copied us. It was the first one.

Chris Carter: Of all the shows we did on The X-Files, one of my favorite episodes, maybe my favorite episode, it was called "The Post-Modern Prometheus". ('PMP' scenes air.) It was really a frankenstein story about a kind of unexpected frankenstein. ("It's alive." Mulder 'PMP' quote ends Chris' appearance.)

David Duchovny: (Speaking about 'PMP') It just kind of had everything that The X-Files was. It was somewhat funny, (PMP scene) somewhat artistic, it was somewhat scary, and it was all those things put together. And at the end of it is this beautiful image of Mulder asking Scully to dance (dance scene airs), and then it turns into a comic book. I remember when I fist saw it, I got chills because that's kind of how I'll remember the show. And in fact when I catch the show on TV now, it's like watching home movies and I'll remember what was happening that day.

A scary and spooky montage that segues into Mulder and Scully's relationship briefly and ends with a look at some of the more explosive and intense XF moments airs. It finishes with Mulder's "We all have our faith, and mine is in the truth" quote.