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We know, Hell On Wheels premiered last week and we're slightly behind but no reason why to not throw some love at one of the darkest shows at AMC.

The Emmy nominated western just started its second season, transporting the audiences to the Epic 1860's, in the depths of Post-Civil War America and the story of Cullen Bohannon, a confederate soldier,and his journey to the west of the country whie he struggles to leave his past behind. The show includes the talents of Tom Noonan (XF- "Paper Hearts"), Colm Meaney (Law & Order, Alice) and of course the lead of the show, Anson Mount (Law & Order, Third Watch)

Former X-Files writer/producer, John Shiban is the Show's Executive Producer. They have received a lot of attention by critics and audiences alike, because of the very distinct storytelling and the mood of the show.

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