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Now is your chance to own some great art from some of your favorite celebrities, including The X-Files cast and crew, and raise money for a good cause. The annual Doodle 4 NF auction starts today. Every year, autographed doodles are collected and the proceeds go to support the Neurofibromatosis Network. NF is a disease that causes tumors to grow on nerves and can lead to paralysis, deafness, blindness, cancer, or even death. Research continues but right now there is no known cure for NF.  You can learn more about what the NF Network does here. As you may know, Gillian Anderson lost her brother to NF in 2011 so this is a cause very close to her heart. The first round of bidding starts today, May 5, and continues through May 15th. A second round of doodles go up for bid May 6 and continues through May 16. Head over to ebay and check out this year's art. For a full list of participating celebrities continue reading after the jump. 


From The X-Files:

Lauren Ambrose
Robbie Amell
Piper Anderson-Klotz
Gillian Anderson 
Ed Asner
Rhys Darby
David Duchovny 
Annabeth Gish
Jimmy Kimmel
Clyde Klotz 
Annet Mahendru 
Joel McHale
Darin Morgan 
Kumail Nanjiani 
Mitch Pileggi 
Robert Patrick and the cast of Scorpion
Mark Snow

Other Celebrities:

Hayley Atwell
Hugh Bonneville
LeVar Burton
Simon Callow
Nick Carter
Jamie Dornan
Nathan Fillion
Ben Foster
Neil Gaiman 
Karen Gillan
Rupert Grint
Jason Isaacs
Alex Kingston
Vanessa Kirby
Colin Morgan 
Gary Oldman
Simon Pegg 
Janice Poon 
Norman Reedus
Jeri Ryan
Amy Schumer
Matt Smith
Darren Waterston