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As we get closer to the Season 11 premiere on January 3rd, Philes are anxiously awaiting any details about how these ten new episodes are shaping up. According to David Duchovny, the first four are off to a good start. Duchovny appeared on Fitzy and Wippa, a radio show on NOVA 96.9 in Sydney, Australia, as he's gearing up for his upcoming music tour. When the guys asked him about returning to The X-Files, Duchovny said, "the ten that we're doing now I think are even better than some of the ones we did way in the past. I saw the first four episodes last night as a matter of fact and they're really really good. I'm not an easy sell." He had company while viewing as well. "I had my son with me. I showed him a few scenes, actually from a funny one, and he was laughing at it."

Duchovny also talked music, parenting, and revealed what his high school nickname was. You can listen to the full interview here, starting around the 34 minute mark. 

For more information about his upcoming music performance dates in New Zealand and Australia, you can find all the details here.