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David Duchovny stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on the eve of the Season 11 premiere of The X-Files. Kimmel is a long-time fan of the show so it's always entertaining to see what questions he'll ask. The interview started off with some jokes about "The Bachelor" and how David watched the show with his daughter. After a break they came back with a clip from "My Struggle III" which shows Mulder interacting with "Mr. Y" and Barbara Hershey's character. David cracked a joke about the "want to see me snap" line and talked with Kimmel about his initial skepticism about taking the role of Mulder. He shared a story about X-Files casting director Randy Stone convinced him to take the part. David said Stone told him "if you do this show you'll never need to work again for the rest of your life." Randy Stone did the casting for the X-Files pilot and sadly passed away in 2007. 

Look below for clips from the interview.