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Nicki Aycox was one of several actors who had the distinction of playing multiple characters in The X-Files. During the series' initial run she played Chastity Raines in "Rush", and she is particularly recognizable as the second victim in I Want to Believe, Cheryl Cunningham.

Now the actor and musician is releasing an EP entitled Red Velvet Room. DJ Luke Soroko of independent radio station Party 934 recently interviewed Nicki, and will be airing the piece Friday, August 28th at 9pm ET. The pair will discuss both of Nicki's roles on The X-Files, her thoughts on the Revival, her new music, and other work such as Nicki's time on Supernatural

If you're interested to hear what she's been doing since Chris Carter put her in a tub and tried to decapitate her, make sure you check out the show tomorrow night. You can stream the station online at their website.