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Cassandra Szklarski from the Canadian Press interviewed Chris Carter this week and got some more information about the upcoming X-Files Revival. Here is the gist:

  • According to Carter, the six episodes: "will all be of a piece, meaning that (they) won't feel disconnected. (they) will all feel as if it's taking place in what I would call television "real time."
  • The relationship will have evolved. We will find them in a different place than the last time we saw them in IWTB. Regarding the nature of their relationship, Carter adds: "That relationship was kind of mysterious. Did they get together? Didn't they get together? If they've got a child together, when did they get together? These are questions that we will deal with and answer in good time." 
  • As we mentioned in our previous interview with Carter, the William storyline will be taken into account.
  • A first draft of the first episode has been turned in to the studio and other writers. 
  • As mentioned in our interview, the credits will remain, with an update to them.

You can read the rest of this great interview, including details about Area 51 and The After, following this link.