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Dear X-Philes et all!

A word from the XFN Team. 

What a great excitement it is to have The X-Files back in this world. It is such an extraordinary opportunity to experience the show back in production and for this to happen in such a great place like Vancouver, BC.

Everyday, our feeds are flooded by pictures that portray the upcoming episodes being shot, fueling everyone with great material for speculation, also known as "The X-Philes Favorite Sport". And believe us when we say: We are as excited as you are!

While it is so good to see the community come alive with all of these conversations about these materials, coming from fans and paparazzi, we need to address a recurrent request that we've received since production launched almost a month ago.

Many of you have contacted us asking for information about the upcoming locations, including specific addresses, dates and which talent will be in attendance. We want to reiterate that we cannot and won't share this information publicly or otherwise. While we understand that some sites, especially on Twitter and message boards, have been posting this data, even in some posts and articles that we have retweeted and shared on our facebook page, XFN won't be publishing or providing this sensitive information per request or as part of any of our official posts or via private messaging, under any circumstance. We may publish and share some of these pictures as part of our commitment to bring you the latest news, but we won't be making any advertising of a specific location address.

Our intention is to ensure the safety of everyone, respect the wishes of the production team, and to keep doing what we do best while letting The X-Files team also continue to work hard but comfortably to bring us what we've wished for so long.

To those visiting the Vancouver area, please be respectful of the members of the cast and crew. For those online, please be respectful of the members of our community, and be patient... really, January 2016 is not too far away.

Thank you for all your outstanding excitement and understanding, it is quite amazing to see this community thriving and alive in celebration of what's to come.