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The first issue of the new IDW X-Files comics is released on June 19th, 2013. Newsarama recently published the covers that we can expect from to see from Issue #2 in July. We've already seen sneak peaks of  Lone Gunmen artwork, and now we know how that artwork will be incorporated into the cover. There are two additional covers as well, one also featuring the Lone Gunmen and the other with an old school promo photo of Mulder and Scully.

Included in the write-up was this synopsis of the issue:

'Believers,' Part 2 of 5. Dana Scully has survived abduction, cancer, motherhood by mysterious means, and surrendering her “miracle” baby. But she’s never encountered anything like these 'Acolytes' before, or the mysterious 'Deacon' who’s saved her from them. Plus, Mulder follows a lead to Arlington National Cemetery and the final resting place of the 'Lone Gunmen.'

This gives us some information we didn't have before. We've got a title for Issue #2: "Believers". And apparently we'll be seeing five issues in this series (that we know of so far anyway). We also have a better idea of where this story is going.

If you need a refresher on the original details of the comics, check out this article. Joe Harris is the writer and Michael Walsh, the artist. And of course, Chris Carter is producing them, as well. 

So how does this all fit into the post-IWTB lives of Mulder and Scully? Well the truth is out there...until June anyway. (Click the photos below to view larger images of the covers.)