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For those of you Castle fans, you'd be interested to know that there will be a 2nd Castle Convention happening in Los Angeles on November 17 and 18, 2012. While no X-Files alumni has been confirmed yet, the girls behind this event are still adding cast and crew members to the list of attendees.

"The two day charity event will include Q&A sessions on stage with members of the Castle cast and crew, a charity auction, trivia, and those attending the event will be able to purchase in-person autographs and professional photos with the guests. Those purchasing Gold tickets (limited) will also be able to attend one of two VIP lunch events where they will have the opportunity to chat casually with the guests."

The event aims to benefit charities that are favored by the special guests and is organized by CastleTV.Net and the California Browncoats. The previous edition raised over $15,000 that was divided between four different charities.

Tickets will be on sale today at the conventions' website.