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We begin our new bi-weekly feature, Top Ten Tuesdays, with a look at some of the show's best post-credit tag lines. Read after the jump to see what made the list.



10. Die Wahrheit Ist Irgenwo Da Drauben - "Triangle"

We kick off our very first Top 10 Tuesday with a twist on an old classic. The tagline is written in German and translates as "The Truth is Out There". It *may* have ended up scribbled inside the cover of my high school German workbook...


9. In the Big Inning - "The Unnatural"

People either love or hate "The Unnatural" but either way but this tagline makes it into the top ten because it stands out for being the only joke. Most of the taglines used on the show were very serious but this baseball pun was something totally different.


8. All Lies Lead to The Truth - "Redux"

This tagline is a direct quotation from the episode which sums up much of the plot we're about to see. In "Redux" we found that Scully was telling some pretty big lies of her own in her attempts to help Mulder uncover his truth.


7. Ei Aaniigoo 'Ahoot'e - "Anasazi"

Another translation of the classic tagline, only this time in Navajo. The translation actually reads, "far away from here, the truth is," which makes it sound like Yoda is delivering the line.


6. Believe the Lie - "Gethsemane"

This tagline reads like an Orwellian mandate to the masses. It sums up the government's position from Scott Ostlehof's point of view, but also refers back to a line Mulder uttered in "EBE": "I'm wondering which lie to believe."


5. Everything Dies - "Herrenvolk"

This line was uttered twice during the episode, once by the Alien Bounty Hunter, then again later on by Marita Covarrubias. Marita's inclusion of one extra word at the beginning changed its meaning entirely.


4. Deceive. Inveigle. Obfuscate. - "Teliko"

Someone's been at a thesaurus! Mulder and Scully use this line on three separate occasions throughout the episode. I guess one of them had a word-a-day calendar that year.


3. Apology is Policy - "731"

A paraphrasing of a line from Scully at the very end of the episode, this tagline again sums up the theme of both "731" and "Nisei" which preceded it. It could be taken as the natural continuation from Grace Hopper's quote, "it is easier to beg forgiveness than to get permission."


2. Trust No One - "The Erlenmeyer Flask"

The very first variant tagline, we knew something big was going to happen when this flashed up on our screens. The quote is always attributed to Deep Throat but he wasn't the first character to utter it on screen, that honor goes to Max Fenig in "Fallen Angel".


1. The Truth is Out There - "Pilot"

What else could possible be at number one? The classic tagline, it appeared on 181 of the 202 episodes beginning with "Deep Throat" (the Pilot episode has no opening credits and thus no tagline appears).

 Let us know which taglines you would have liked to see included in our list, and which ones you think shouldn't have been.