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Say what you will about Nickelback but there is one thing that has always been true: their song Far Away has been the go-to tune for Philes and the angsty vidding community since its release in 2005.

So, when I saw that the up and coming new vidder OTHandTITANIC had posted a new video, and that said video was set to the tune of Far Away, well... I was already halfway sold before I'd even hit play. Add in some gorgeous coloring, and a perfect mix of clips, and you've got yourself a winner. Or, as our Editor in Chief Avi Quijada flailed: "As I watch I feel that someone reached into my chest and squeezed my heart until all the feels had oozed out. Quite a graphic imagery but... two thumbs up for emotional manipulation." 

So happy Fanvid Friday, all. May you enjoy your feels manipulation!