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I had the opportunity to talk to and share some time with Robert Patrick during a recent visit to the set of Scorpion. The renowned actor has been enjoying the smash success of this campy and nerdy action series, one of the highest rated on CBS. The visit was an exciting experience where we were able to enjoy the great dynamic that the team behind the show have in place.

The production is located in Manhattan Beach, Calif., with additional scenes shot in Downtown L.A. and Santa Clarita, among other locations. Scorpion has made the city of Los Angeles its playground and with so many shows trying to make the town look like an entirely different place, this is for me one of its biggest attractions.
But what really makes Scorpion a one-of-a-kind moment for Patrick is the fiber of the show.

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At the time of our conversation, Robert was shooting the last of the second season with the renewal of the show having just been announced. We've seen Cabe Gallo encounter more than his share of challenges by Walter O’Brien’s side.

“Taking into account the evolution since you started this ride until today, what’s been the most rewarding part of it?” I ask.

“I’m having a ball on this show. It's a wonderful show, very unique.” He starts enumerating the list of things he loves about it. “The whole set up: A team of misfit geniuses, working together under the direction and protection of the federal government solving problems with their intellect-- I think demonstrating that there is a solution to every problem and the sense of teamwork are the hallmarks of the show. The family aspect...”

“The most surprising part?”

“The comedy aspect of the show, great chemistry within the cast and the humor!” And there was a huge camaraderie that was very present on set.

“What is the thing you love the most about Cabe Gallo?”

“I love that Cabe stands for what he believes in. I love his willingness to protect the geniuses and allow them to do their work. He always has their back. He believes in freedom and doing what is right.”

Cabe Gallo has sacrificed quite a lot for Walter O’Brien and Scorpion, even being kicked out of Homeland and threatened many times for choices made through his life. His commitment to justice has left little space for the personal side of him aside his relationship with his protégé.

“As a character, Cabe Gallo is a guy that's addressing certain changes in his life, like getting older. Is it a challenge for you or do you find yourself empathizing with Gallo?”

“Cabe is getting older just like Robert Patrick is. The writers and me are having fun with the differences between Cabe and the younger geniuses, but Cabe can still handle the action and pack a wallop!”

“What have you learned from him?”

“Cabe is a very accepting guy, tolerant, and open to the differences in people. He is non judgmental. I like that in him-- His willingness to see the value in people.”

“What have you learned from your fellow Scorpion young ins?”

“Oh, they’re a great bunch. I keep up on what they’re into. We have a lot of fun. We try to keep it loose (on set).”

Since the beginning, Scorpion has been remarkably involved with social media. Their writers and cast have been pretty active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, entertaining the masses with their exchanges and even addressing many burning questions.

“What do you appreciate from social media? What stays with you about your own fans… about the fans of the show?”

“It's a great way to have a dialogue with fans and people you might not have the opportunity to communicate with. I have been doing this for 32 years and this really is the first time I remember really being able to have a connection with the fans. The fans of our show are so dynamic; they get it and I enjoy their reaction to each episode. It's a more immediate gratification for all of us.”

While Robert hasn't picked up any geeky hobbies from the younger cast or the show’s creators, he does keep busy on his own.

“You’re a very active biker, and very involved with the troops, is there any other hobby that you enjoy?”

“I really only have a couple months hiatus and I fill that time with quite a bit. USO tours, motorcycle tours, and then of course travel with my family.”

“Besides the commitments you have with Scorpion, are there any projects coming up? Any wish list items you’d like to get your hands on?”

“No. I am looking at a couple projects on my hiatus maybe take on a new character and see what I can do during the break, but it has to fit in their perfectly. Other than that I am totally committed to Scorpion."

As you may recall, timing didn't work for Patrick when The X-Files came back to production. Nevertheless, he followed closely and is happy about the excitement around the comeback.

“I would like to say thank you to all my fans for the continued support over the years!” He says. “I love what I do and I would not be able to do it without you! Thank you!”

Thanks to Robert Patrick for his candid time with us and being so amazingly open with his fans!