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Joe Harris, The X-Files: Season 10 comic author, had some exciting news for us all at New York Comic Con 2014! On top of the already amazing work they're doing on Season 10, IDW Publishing will be releasing a short series of Millennium comics.

Profiler Frank Black will return in the new comics that take place during the same timeframe as the current X-Files ones. Frank will appear in the next issue of the "Immaculate" Season 10 two-parter, which will allow him to spinoff into his own series come New Years. Mulder and possibly other X-Files favorites will be helping Frank out. We will even learn more about Monte Propps, the case that started Mulder off in the BSU. 

There's a lot of awesome stuff coming up from Joe and the IDW crew, so check out the interview below to learn more. And if you still have questions, we'll have some exclusive info on the comics coming soon!