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Everyone get ready because the The X-Files rewatch calendar for the month of August is here!

As we had previously advertised, we will be synchronizing with the rewatch being held by FOX. To do so, we will observe three black out dates, (Aug. 1st to 3rd) and re-starting on August 4th with "Duane Barry". We will be covering ALL of Season Two and some of Season Three during this month, and ALL of the dates will be hosted. Celebrate, X-Philes; we will finally be doing this as a joint effort!

We know some of you were worried that the FOX timeline didn't observe the X-Files movies, but we will. Come the time, we will notify you of our strategy for those sessions.

Another welcome improvement in our rewatch is that Adam Boraso (@XFiles3in2012) and Dr. Joselyn Rojas (@JossaDosBichos) will be teaming up with our staff to organize sessions for International X-Philes in parts of Eastern Europe, Asia and Oceania. This special schedule will allow for all the participants using the corresponding hashtag to be elegible of our daily "Best X-Philes' Tweets" compilation without a hitch!

For more, peruse the XFN calendar for all the details!