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Next month X-Files News will launch its very first book club. Each month we will read through one of the many X-Files books that have been published over the years. Read after the jump to find out how you can join in.


What are we reading?
We will initially be working our way through the spin-off novels and movie novelisations written by Kevin J. Anderson, Ben Mezrich, Charles Grant, Elizabeth Hand, and Max Allan Collins. If there is interest after reading all of these, we can move onto the graphic novels and nonfiction works about the show.

How can I join in?
Discussion topics will be posted regularly in our forumss for readers to chat together and we invite you to tweet us your thoughts as you read. At the end of the month we hope you will share your opinions of the book. Polls to choose the next book will be posted on X-Files News on the 20th of each month and the new book will be announced on the 1st along with our final end-of-book discussion where we can all weigh in with our thoughts.

Which book will we be reading first?
Good question, which book would you like to read first? Take your pick in our poll and the first selection will be announced on March 1st. You can read synopses of all the X-Files novels at GoodReads.


Which book would you like to read first?
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I'm a slow reader, can I join in?
Of course! The X-Files novels are all fairly easy going - we're not looking at The Silmarillion here - so hopefully a month will be long enough for most people to get a hold of the book and finish it. This isn't school and there'll be no tests at the end of the month so just join us whenever you can.