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Look through your Facebook friends, or even down your street, and you may know a person that's just different. That one that can solve a math problem in seconds, has a way to analyze a situation that's far from the norm, with abilities that are just special. Yet, as talented as these folks are, sometimes, they're not the most social of peeps. Scorpion plans to tell us about these exceptional individuals, and there's a fantastic real life story behind it.

Walter O'Brien is one of the smartest people in the world; with an IQ of 190, higher than even Albert Einstein's. He has done quite an array of exploits in his 39 years on this planet, including hacking into the NASA Secure System when he was only 12 years old.

Over time, Walter decided to apply his talents to better means, creating Scorpion Computer Services, a think tank for hire that has managed to help mitigate investment risks and even helped save lives in Afghanistan, among other extraordinary feats.

Scorpion will focus on the character inspired by him, also named Walter O'Brien, and played by Elyes Gabel (World War Z, Game of Thrones). He's part of a group of genius misfits controlled by Agent Gallo, played by Robert Patrick (The X-Files, The Sopranos, Gangster Squad). Together, they will not only find new genius assets but also guide their team to save the world in the most daring of ways, defeating threats unseen by the normal folks like us.

We won't spoil the plot for you this time. Instead, tune in for the pilot tonight. We assure you that you will enjoy it a whole lot. During its advance screening at San Diego Comic Con, the overall reception was very positive, and this is a very tough crowd to please. Besides Gabel and Patrick, Katharine McPhee (American Idol, Smash) stars as Paige Dineen, alongside Eddie Kaye Thomas (American Dad!, American Pie Harold & Kumar), Jadyn Wong, and Ari Stidham.

The team behind the show has enough experience to predict that this one will be a winner; created by Nick Santora (The Sopranos, Law & Order, Prison Break, Lie To Me), and executive produced by Alex Kurtzman (Mission: Impossible III, The Amazing Spiderman 2 & 3, Star Trek), Roberto Orci (Star Trek 3, Alias, Fringe, Matador) and Walter O'Brien himself, there's enough experience and stories to tell to keep us on the edge of our seats for a long time to come. The pilot is action packed and filled with twists and turns that promise to keep it really interesting in the upcoming episodes. The producers have shown interest in taking the experience beyond the confines of the TV set and making it really interactive with the fans, and we certainly look forward to that.

We can't wait to see what's in store for us. We hope that it turns out to be one of our weekly "musts" with all the possibilities it promises.

Scorpion premieres tonight at 9pm EST on CBS.