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We have now made it halfway through the revival, so it is time to say thank you to a few people who helped put this together and bring back our favorite television show of all time. 

Club The X-Files Mexico is teaming up with XFilesNews to put together a thank you video to the X-Files cast and crew for giving us 6 new episodes. We are calling out to every phile in the world to record yourself, your friends, or family with something associated with The X-Files (a landmark, your pets, etc) and send it to us.

Be creative and tell them how grateful you are for having Mulder and Scully back in your life. Get dressed up as the characters or wear your favorite X-Files t-shirt. If you need a little help with what to say may we suggest something along the lines of: "Thank you for bringing them back", "Mulder and Scully are back and we're so happy", "They're back", "Thank you 1013 for not giving up", and so on. Even thank your fellow phile for never, ever losing faith on this road.

Send us an up to 45-second video (either a mov or MP4 file) with the subject "THANKYOU1013" plus your name and the city you're from to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The deadline to submit these videos is February 23rd, 2016.