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The September calendar for The X-Files Global Rewatch is ready to go!

This time around not only will you enjoy the comments from all of our staff members hosting some of our sessions, but also look at the roster of guests that we have lined up for you! 

  • Kelly Connolly (@TheTVMouse)
  • Melissa (@MadMakNY)
  • Joselyn Rojas (@JossaDosBichos)
  • Adam Boraso (@XFiles3in2012)
  • Vanessa (@notanotherxfpod)
  • Meghan (@KnifeInk)
  • Katybeth (@kbethery)
  • Dawn (@Damoshma)
  • Leane (@LP_WSC)

Surely not a minute of dullness coming up! We will continue to formally observe two promoted and one hosted session a day, and supporting the amazing and ever growing #XFRewatchCrew for all alternate gathering times. Best Tweets will continue to be gathered, now with an official deadline of Midnight ET.

If you're interested in teaming up to host a session with us in the upcoming months - in any language - hit us up via DM on our Twitter (@XFilesNews) or email our Social Media Editor, Patricia Silva at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.