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Temari Nara

It's FanArt Wednesday again! This week’s chosen artist is Temari Nara from Algeria. You can connect with Temari on Tumblr.

Here's a little about Temari:

1. When did you become an X-Phile?

I started watching the show in 1994, I was 8. (Oh god, I feel old now!! LOL!!!)

2. What is the first episode you watched?

I think the first episode I came across was "Ice". It's still one of my favorites.

3. What was your favorite part of the revival?

This is a hard one, but I think it was seeing Mulder as a dad, it was heartbreaking. And especially since we never got to know what kind of family life he wanted for the three of them.



4. What inspired you to create X-Files fanart?

I just love the show, and I like to share this obsession with other fans. 😊

5. Who is your favorite character?

I like Mulder more than Scully. I like the way he always tries, it has cost him so much but he would do it all over again.

6. List your top 5 episodes.

Ok here we go!!
5 - "Pilot" (a classic, I always get goosebumps at "the FBI's most unwanted")
4 - "Redux II"
3 - "Arcadia"
2 - "En Ami"
1 - "Triangle"

7. Favorite X-Files quote.

"Extraordinary men are always most tempted by the most ordinary things." I don't really know why but it always gets me.

8. How has The X-Files impacted your life?

Oh god, where to begin? I always loved science, and watching a show where being in a quest for more knowledge is what matters was really awesome. It was comforting to know that when I was growing up being a geek was COOL!!!

Thanks, Temari! FanArt will be back in two weeks. See you next Wednesday with a new FanWorks!