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matt lewis

It's FanArt Wednesday! This week’s chosen artist is Matt Lewis, from Cleveland, OH. You can connect with Matt on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can purchase any products with his artwork on RedBubble.

Here's a little about Matt:

1. When did you become an X-Phile?

I became an X-Phile completely accidental at a very young age. I was about five in 1999 and I caught a syndicated episode during the early evening. It hooked me for the past sixteen years since.








2. What is the first episode you watched?

The first episode I watched is completely a blur. I only remember the general idea of X-Files and being enthralled. 

3. What are you looking forward to seeing in the revival?

Honestly I’m just looking forward to seeing more X-Files. What are Mulder and Scully up to in the current day? How can modern technology change and advance the story? It's nice to see these characters coming back. 

4. What inspired you to draw X-Files?

With the revival drawing close I’ve been diving back into some older episodes. I drew the Smoking Man because re-watching some episodes with him I realized how mysterious and conflicting he really is. Now older, realizing and understanding a whole new depth to his character.

5. Who is your favorite character?

Fox Mulder. For me I can relate to him the best. I love his intensity, humor and dedication toward his friendships and cause. 

6. List your top 5 episodes.

This is very hard. Let’s be real, they are all next to great.


2.Little Green Men

3.The Host

4.Die Hand Die Verletzt

5.Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man 

7. Favorite X-Files quote.

Another hard question.

“Maybe it’s other people’s reactions to us that makes us who we are.” -Fox Mulder 

8. How has The X-Files impacted your life?

This may sound odd, but going along the lines with X-Files I’m a big believer. Paranormal mainly. This show sort of grounded it for me as a youngster. I had some occurrences as a kid with the unknown and X-Files showed me that there are two sides to every story. Two different points of view and two different parts of the brain really. Lesser on that note the show was the first show I enjoyed that was above my targeted age group. 

Thanks, Matt! Come back next Wednesday for a new artist!