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Addy Stevens 1

It's FanArt Wednesday again! This week’s chosen artist is Addy Stevens from Dallas, Texas. You can connect with Addy on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram

Here's a little about Addy:

1. When did you become an X-Phile?

I became an X-Phile over two years ago when I actually got into the series myself, though one might say I kind of had that coming because my parents have been fans of the show since I was born. They actually took me to a showing of the first movie when I was just a baby, which is crazy to think about.

2. What is the first episode you watched?

The first episode I watched was actually the pilot! I wanted to start from the very beginning so I could hopefully avoid most spoilers. I was hooked after that, enjoying the suspense of the episode and the chemistry present between the agents even then.



3. What was your favorite part of the revival?

Hmm...this is tough. I think I tend to enjoy the 'darker' episodes a bit more typically, so I liked "Home Again" a lot. Scully and Mulder's banter is always a classic component of each episode too, and I was glad to see that still going strong.Addy Stevens 2

4. What inspired you to create X-Files fanart?

I guess it mainly came from loving the characters more and more as time went on. Watching them grow both individually and as a pair is so great and almost refreshing because I'm not sure that I see many characters in general who share a genuine bond like they do. It's built off of mutual respect and trust in one another and I think that's really neat.

5. Who is your favorite character?

Scully for sure. Even years later, she stands as a such role-model for girls everywhere, by working and succeeding in a primarily male-dominated profession, and doing it because it's what she personally felt was right for her. I know she's inspired many, including myself. Even aside from that, she is very clever, witty, and rational and I love watching her warm up and become more true to herself as the seasons progress.

6. List your top 5 episodes.

- "Blood"
- "Ghost in the Machine"
- "Unusual Suspects"
- "Humbug"
- "The Erlenmeyer Flask"

7. Favorite X-Files quote.

"Please explain to me the scientific nature of the 'whammy'."

8. How has The X-Files impacted your life?

As cliche as it may sound, it's really shown me not to ignore or underestimate the underdogs, that no matter who you are, you have the power and the right to stand up for what you believe to be true. It really speaks to me as I have trouble being honest about myself and what compromise my beliefs sometimes, and so this show has served as a nice reminder to be confident in those things.

Thanks, Addy! FanArt will be back in two weeks. See you next Wednesday with a new FanWorks!