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Nothing lasts forever, except perhaps our love for Scully and Mulder. Much of the fandom's rage over the promo misdirect that tried to imply there may be a kiss in the church may last forever as well.....

Written by Karen Nielsen and directed by James Wong, "Nothing Lasts Forever" is the ninth episode of the season and we're almost to the end of the journey. So it seems fitting to have an episode that talks about going to crazy lengths to stop the passage of time.

This was arguably one of the grossest episodes we've had in a long time. But it was one of the most moving as well. Mulder and Scully's conversation in the church left us with a lot to think about. And it sets up endless possibilities for fanfic writers! The Watch Crew had a lot to say about this episode, in between gagging at the more gruesome bits. Here are you best tweets.