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Well Philes, it's been a long and crazy ride. Tonight marks the end of a long journey. We've now watched 208 episodes and 2 films together and it's been a blast reading through all your thoughts and sharing your excitement. The X-Files Season 10 came to close with "My Struggle II" and emotions are still running high. This episode centers on Scully's journey and the realization that she could be the one to save us all with her alien DNA. We get another Mulder Ditch, an epic Mulder fight scene, the return of Tad, Einstein, Miller, Monica Reyes, and oh yeah, the Cigarette Smoking Man. A global pandemic, SCIENCE, a giant UFO, and THE CLIFFHANGER TO END ALL CLIFFHANGERS round out the hour. This episode definitely brings out very strong reactions and opinions in everyone who watches. The tagline tells us "This Is The End" but is it really? For now, until we know for sure about Season 11, I'll say "here are your best tweets" for the last time. It's been a great ride.