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If you're reading this, then you survived Glen Morgan's beautiful, terrifying, heartbreaking "Home Again." Or perhaps you're like me and your ghost is reading this. Cause of death: Dana Scully's tears. "Home Again" takes a hard look at how we regard our fellow human beings and how much we really know about each other. A mysterious figure called the Band-Aid Nose Man murders people associated with a program that's trying to relocate homeless people in Philadelphia. At the same time our hearts break along with Scully's as she loses her mother Margaret. Maggie Scully, played by the amazing Sheila Larken, was such a rock throughout the series, it's hard to believe she's gone. Her mother's death stirs up a lot of emotions and unanswered questions about William for Scully. Our agents solve the case but will they ever find closure for William? The episode ends with an emotional "conversation on the log" as Scully shares some of the most heartfelt feelings about William we've seen. Philes had a lot to say about this epic episode. Here are your best tweets.