“ It’s interesting because the world of The X-Files is linked along parallel universes anyway. The first and the 10th of our new [TV] episodes are going to be mythology, and everything in between is going to be stand-alone. So that means that the world can be ending [in the first episode] and Scully can be the only person alive who can save the planet, yet in the next episode, we don’t even bring it up. That gives permission for this alternate world that’s a common thing in the spinoffs. “ - Gillian Anderson

Gillian had that to say about The X-Files, Season 11, and the new audio book “Stolen Lives” that comes out on October 3rd. See what else she says about playing Scully, finding balance, and how she spends her Sundays in this article from Parade Magazine.

If her name isn't familiar to you, her character sure is. Karin Konoval played Ma Peacock in Season 4's "Home" and left many Philes checking under the bed in terror. Entertainment Weekly has confirmed Ms. Konoval will return for several roles in one episode in Season 11. She won't be revisiting Ma Peacock, but as creator Chris Carter says "she will be returning in a tour-de-force performance in an early episode. Or, more accurately, performances."

Read more from EW here.


David Duchovny shared this peek at what they may be getting up to in Darin Morgan's episode. Is Mulder going as Swamp Thing for Halloween? Or maybe dressing in camouflage to hunt for Bigfoot in his backyard? It does look like they're hanging out on the porch of the Unremarkable House. Hurry up season 11!

Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny both took to social media today to share a peek at what's happening on The X-Files set. 

We wonder what they're getting up to with writer Darin Morgan! No weremonster lurking here, but actor Brian Huskey is known for his work on People of Earth, Veep, and Bob's Burgers, among other shows.



And the sun sets on another day's work in Vancouver!


Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny apparently took a nice little trip to the forest while shooting Season 11 this week. Gillian shared a photo of herself and a bear on set, and of course David had something to say about that on Twitter as well.


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