While we wait for #JusticeForMonica, Annabeth Gish will get her day in court. According to TVLine, she’ll play a defense attorney in episode 3 of the upcoming Law & Order: SVU season. Shooting is underway now and the episode is expected to air in October.

Check out the article here for more details on the episode.

In addition to SVU and of course, The X-Files Season 11, you can catch Annabeth on AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire.


David Duchovny's dog Brick has joined Twitter and shared this gem from The X-Files set. Do we spy casual Scully? Are our heroes hanging out at the Unremarkable House going over some case notes together? And can we get Brick a GoPro and a little harness for some behind-the-scenes video too? Good dog, Brick!

Last night, tabletop gaming company Upper Deck surprised us all with an announcement that they will be releasing Legendary Encounters: An X-Files Deck Building Game in summer 2018.
 Legendary is a well-known name in tabletop gaming circles. The original version of the game (and its many expansions) was based in the Marvel comics universe and several other versions have since been released based on various sci-fi/fantasy properties including Buffy the Vampire SlayerAlienBig Trouble in Little China, and Firefly.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Legendary and Legendary Encounters are cooperative deck building games. This is a genre of tabletop card games in which players begin with a set hand of weak cards, then use these cards to buy more powerful cards from the main deck, each round strengthening their own hand. The stronger the players become, the more capable they are of defeating an increasingly powerful set of villains. Players work together as a team to take down all the villains before the villains themselves take over the game and win.

Gillian Anderson plays Magda in the new film adaptation of “Crooked House” by Agatha Christie. Julian Fellows of “Downton Abbey” fame wrote the screenplay for the film which is expected to debut in January 2018. Until then, check out the trailer and other images from the film here.

Agents Miller and Einstein will be back for Season 11. According to TVLine, we don't yet know how many episodes the agents will appear in, but we can guess they at least play a role in "My Struggle 3." We last saw Agent Miller with Mulder on the bridge, and Agent Einstein was helping to create a vaccine for the spartan virus in the cliffhanger of "My Struggle 2." 


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